Old Guy Strong Mens Strength Training Forum

 I’m an old guy, at least that’s what my daughter tells me. Actually I’m 46 and I don’t think that’s old but as with many things it’s very subjective and has a lot to do with one’s perspective.

Since I was a young boy I was fascinated with strength and the things it could accomplish. Maybe I watched too many episodes of the Six Million Dollar man and the Hulk, whatever the reason it carried on with me throughout my life. As I progressed, staying strong was always important to me, from my time in the Marine Corps to being a husband and a father, the weights were always there for me.

I would occasionally see rather average looking aged men perform feats of strength that would perplex me. For example a blue collar man in his early fifties beating a muscular man in his early twenties in a friendly bar room arm wrestling competition. Or an unassuming farmer toss bales of hay like they weigh ten pounds.

So whether you are a lifelong weight lifter or just simply old guy strong who would like to stay that way, call this site home to get the information you need to maintain your lifestyle.​​